Mythic Emerald Glass - Vintage Deep Emerald Spun Glass Beaded Earrings with Swarovski Crystals


There was once a family of very special little spiders. Their origin and how they were created is a mystery to this day. Why were they so special? They spun webs of glass. These arachnids were sequestered in a hidden cave known only to three people who tended to the spiders around the clock, feeding them fine pearl sand and tuberose. Keeping them warm by constantly stoking the flames of several small sandalwood fires. The spiders’ primary task was spinning beautiful glass beads, reserved only for royalty. Of course, there are always unhappy palace employees somewhere, so some beads were smuggled out and traded to pirates for gold. The spiders are long gone but a secret cache of these beads was discovered many years ago and a few made it into my hands.


Mythic Emerald Glass earrings details:


  • Rare vintage emerald green lace glass teardrops
  • Emerald Swarovski® crystals
  • All metals are sterling silver
  • The teardrops are statement sized beads, measuring about 1-inch long by 1/2 inch at their plumpest point
  • Overall length is 1-7/8 inches from the bottom of earwires