Ocean Blues Wrap Bracelet - Faceted Blue Quartz and Sterling Silver on Memory Wire


I wanted to write about the color blue and was thinking of something poetic, if not an outright poem. Over and over again I wrote about blue eyes or blue skies or the ocean - it was all quite sappy and possibly too romantic - nothing I felt like putting out in public. So let me just tell you that this bracelet is as blue as gemstones can get. They are natural blue quartz beads in a range of hues, mostly opaque with a few translucent beads. Beautiful colors for Summer and sure to cheer you up when the cold of Winter returns.


Ocean Blues wrap bracelet details:


  • Natural blue quartz beads: faceted rounds and rondelles
  • Some beads have a hint of their host stone showing as miniature inclusions
  • A variety of sterling silver beads are scattered throughout
  • Strung on stainless steel memory wire designed to retain its circular shape.


FIT: I use two different diameters of memory wire. The smaller diameter fits snugly on my 6-1/4 inch wrist. The larger diameter fits loose like a bangle.


This bracelet is strung on small diameter. It will fit any size wrist. If your wrist is large, you may get fewer wraps around. If your wrist measures 6-1/4 inches or less, you will get the number of wraps shown in the photos.