Stormy - Mysterious Gray Larvikite and Hematite Earrings with Sterling Silver Accents


Gaze into these larvikite disks and see the storms captured therein. Really? Yes, don’t argue with me - do it now unless you’re walking down the street or driving. There are dark and light gray clouds covering the surfaces occasionally broken up by silvery flashes of distant lightening. Don’t stare too long, you don’t want to get sucked in. That only happens in scary movies, right? I hope so.


The details:


  • Slightly puffed disks of larvikite, 3/4 inch in diameter
  • Larvikite is a silvery-gray-blue stone, a feldspar often referred to as Norwegian moonstone
  • Tiny faceted hematite stone on top
  • All accents are sterling silver
  • Sterling silver earwires
  • About 1-3/4 inches from top of earwires


Your Stormy earrings are mailed in a custom gift box.