Summer Breeze Bracelets - Set of Two Bracelets with Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Natural Shell on Memory Wire


“No other gem than

turquoise on her breast

Can to the loving, doubting

heart bring rest.”


~ Sentiments of the Months, The Curious Lore of Precious Stones


Set of two Summer Breeze wrap bracelets details:


Bracelet One

  • Genuine turquoise gemstone heishe beads
  • Natural lapis lazuli beads, a little longer than heishe shape, more of a short barrel
  • Off-white natural shell heishe beads

Bracelet Two:

  • Off-white natural shell heishe beads
  • Both are strung on stainless steel memory wire designed to retain its circular shape


FIT: I use two different diameters of memory wire. The smaller diameter fits snugly on my 6-1/4 inch wrist. The larger diameter fits loose like a bangle.


This bracelet is strung on large diameter. It will fit any size wrist. If your wrist measures 6-1/4 inches or less, the fit will be loose. If your wrist is larger, it may snug up a bit.


CUSTOM OPTION: If you have an especially small wrist I can restring the bracelets on memory wire with a smaller diameter. This can be done before I ship them to you or after you receive them and decide smaller would be better. You are responsible for all additional shipping charges, there is no charge to restring the bracelets.