Hi, I’m Kathy, the independent artisan behind Barefoot Maiden.


I have hair. Long hair that likes to be pinned up during hot Southern California summers. That's how things started.


I made hairsticks to pin my hair up. It wasn't long before my ears and neck felt left out. They whined and complained, "Why is hair getting all the attention?" So I started making earrings and necklaces. You know where is going, right? Wrists. I made bracelets for them. When my belly button chimed in with its own "embellish me" demands I had to put my foot down or I'd be pierced in places it would be impolite to mention here.


I make jewelry in my little home studio in Southern California. I find inspiration all around me: art, books, music, nature, and sometimes just the way I’m feeling. Colorful gemstones and vintage Swarovski crystals are two of my favorite design components.


“I think that all women are unique and beautiful. Beauty begins on the inside and radiates out with how you treat other people. Let your true beauty shine through.”


Thank you for visiting and I hope you find something special for yourself or a loved one.