Alien Worlds - Hairsticks with Natural Ocean Jasper and Sterling Silver


A pair of miniature planets, formed millions of years ago, will be entrusted to the care of the person who deems it their responsibility to protect these tiny worlds. If you look very closely you will find a pair of tiny caves “carved” into one world, most likely filled with tiny aliens - too small for the human eye to see. I bet Captain Kirk overlooked these planets on his treks because there were no buxom women inhabiting them. You know how he likes the ladies!


The details:


  • A pair of ocean jasper spheres from Madagascar, also known as orbicular jasper because of the tiny “eyes” sometimes seen in the stone
  • In this case we’re pretending those eyes are moons as you would see them orbiting the planets from afar
  • Sterling silver settings hold the jasper
  • Additional accents of sterling silver
  • A pair of silverplated brass beads attach the finials to their wooden stems


Your Alien Worlds hairsticks are presented in a custom Barefoot Maiden gift box.