Cleopatra’s Asp Hairstick - Carved Carnelian Gemstone Snake with Carnelian Accent


What can I say about snakes? Not much. Lucky you. Indiana Jones was afraid of snakes. Me, not so much. Unless it’s sporting a loud noise maker on its tail. The snakes I have outside of my home are supposed to eat pesky gophers and mice but they do a pretty bad job of it. I should see if the federal government has a training program I can enroll these snakes in to teach them how to do their job better. I hear they have lots of programs to retrain people, why not snakes? Could snakism be running rampant in our government? Gee, I sure hope not.


The details:


  • Carved carnelian snake, curled up with cross-hatched details and a happy little face
  • Carved on both sides - see pics
  • Carnelian gemstone sphere up top
  • Little pewter accents on top and bottom of snake
  • Pair of sterling silver beads underneath
  • Pair of silverplated brass beads attaches finial to wood
  • Natural cocobolo stick measure 5-1/2 inches long
  • Overall length is about 7-inches
  • Snake measures 1-1/4 tall x 1-1/8 wide

The Cleo’s Asp hairstick will arrive in a custom Barefoot Maiden gift box.