Mermaid’s Garden - Beautiful Carved Shell Hairstick with Luminous Shades of Gray and Black for Your Summer Hair


You know that mermaids have underwater gardens, don’t you? When they aren’t swimming alongside ships, playing with dolphins or collecting starfish and seahorses, they’re usually tending their sea-gardens. Contrary to what you may have read, mermaids aren’t all pining way for princes up in castles. As a matter-of-fact, that story is considered a myth in the mer-world. The shell flower on this hairstick was plucked from a mermaid’s garden, with permission of course. It’s a perfect example of what a mermaid’s sea-green thumb can accomplish. We harvested it at midnight so it would retain its luminous shades of gray and black. I added a purple gemstone, but you’re welcome to request something else.


This listing is for a single hairstick.


Mermaid’s Garden hairstick details:


  • Beautiful handcarved shell flower with intricately detailed petals on top
  • The flower is flat and has a plain black-hued back
  • A faceted amethyst gemstone rondelle graces the top
  • Sterling silver accents hold the amethyst and bottom of the flower
  • Natural pale rosewood stick measures 5-1/2 inches long
  • Overall length is about 6-1/2 inches
  • The blossom measures about 1-3/8 inch in diameter


Your Mermaid’s Garden hairstick will arrive in a custom gift box.