Tawny Tiger Earrings with Tigereye Gemstone Tassels, Vermeil and Goldfilled Accents


Katie likes wearing tigereye because she read that in ancient times people believed it was a stone of protection that helped the wearer avoid disaster. Never mind that these same people thought the earth was flat. She wasn’t sure exactly how many times the stone had protected her, but she knew this. She narrowly escaped a wave of dirty water that soaked everyone else at the bus stop yesterday, when she tripped and fell in the yard last weekend she landed in a pile of raked leaves and not on the sharp gravel landscaping next to it, and she didn’t go in the surf with her friends who were stung by a merry band of jellyfish last year because she had cut her foot earlier in the day on a broken bottle (OK, the tigereye had missed that one). If you’re thinking that Katie has an odd definition of disastrous events - you would be right!


Tawny Tiger earring details:


  • Long, wavy drops of natural tigereye with beautiful coloring and chatoyancy
  • A quartet of faceted tigereye stones on goldfilled chain dangle from each earring
  • Vermeil (22k gold over sterling silver) accents embrace each large stone
  • Goldfilled earwires
  • Total length from top of earwires is 3-1/4 inches