Why Do I Have a Blog?

Why do I have a blog? Because so-called business experts say if I run an online business, I should have a blog to attract buyers and drive people to my website. OK. I caved in and started a blog and pretty much let it just sit, sad and almost abandoned, until this year.

You won’t find me telling you what I did yesterday, am doing today, or will be doing tomorrow. I’m kind of a private person and that stuff is for my friends and family to know. Not the entire flipping internet universe. There won’t be a bunch of selfies for the same reason.

Is there really any reason to blog about every single piece of new jewelry I make? I don’t think so - you can find those in the “What’s New” section of my site, each with a thorough description.

I do like jokes and funny sarcasm. It’s always nice to make someone smile, especially if they’re having a crappy day. So those are primarily the type of things you’ll find on my blog. I may also post poetry. Often times I’ll look for a snippet of poetry to go with a design and will come across something I’d like to share.

Have fun reading and hopefully I’ll bring a little sunshine into your day.



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