Bejeweled Elephant Hairstick - Carved Wood Elephant with Ruby and Lapis Lazuli Gemstones


I used to think of elephants as just another animal in Africa that I would like to see if I ever got over there. Then I saw film on TV of a mother elephant rescuing her baby from a watering hole. I looked for this video online and found this one instead. Apparently baby elephants needing rescue are quite common! What’s amazing (to me anyway) is when the mother backs up and sticks out her back leg - it looks like she is encouraging the baby to grab her leg to be lifted out. It takes awhile to extricate the little one and other herd members get involved. Yes, I’m a sucker for animal videos, but these elephants are special.


The details:


  • Miniature carved wooden elephant intricately detailed with flared ears, little eyes, tusks and toes
  • Upraised trunk signifying good luck in many cultures
  • Faceted opaque ruby gemstone bead on top
  • Lapis lazuli gemstone bead on bottom
  • Sterling silver accents with one pewter setting under the ruby
  • Pair of silverplated brass beads attach the finial to its wooden stem
  • Natural rosewood stick measures 5-1/2 inches long
  • Overall length is about 6-1/2 inches

Your Bejeweled Elephant hairstick will arrive in a custom gift box.