Rosa Metallica Hairsticks - Dark Siam Swarovski Crystals with Gothic Metal Roses and Sterling Silver


We ran behind a hedge of cabbage roses when the noise started. It was an unusual harmonic hum accompanied by the sizzle of electricity in the air and the sharp smell of ozone. I was frozen in fear. But not Kristi, she feared nothing and wasn’t about to start today. She grabbed my wrist and as we peeked through the flowers we saw a woman made of metal step out of a fiery crimson cloud. The humming stopped instantly and dead silence fell. Without warning, a beam of light burst from the metal being’s hand, turning the rose shrub into metal. As the woman advanced on us, Kristi rushed and tackled her in a bear hug. They disappeared in a brilliant flash of light leaving nothing behind. No one believes my story. The only evidence - the cabbage roses - were removed by men in hazmat suits. But I kept a part of that bush. It blooms to this day, always reminding me of the bravery of my dear lost friend.


Rose Metallica hairstick details:


  • Three-dimensional, silverplated, American-made brass blossoms
  • Surfaces are antiqued to enhance shadows and depth
  • Swarovski® Siam crystals sparkle on top and bottom
  • Sterling silver accents
  • Pair of silverplated brass beads attach the finials to their wooden stems
  • Natural cocobolo sticks measures 5-1/2 inches long
  • Overall length is about 6-1/2 inches
  • Blooms measure about 1-inch in diameter

Your Rosa Metallica hairsticks will arrive in a custom gift box.