Darkness Call Us - Black Onyx, Rainbow Obsidian, Vintage Glass and Sterling Silver Memory Wire Wrap Bracelets


The night was bleak and the sea looked black when I came upon a sight so stark, so deeply dark, I thought I must be dreaming. I was looking at something unreal, unknown, like a scene from The Twilight Zone. I wanted to run, but as unhuman as the creature looked with its ink black ashes for skin and claws instead of hands, its weeping kept me there. Tears poured from a single golden eye and sobs issued from its broad chest. Air seemed to compress around us, every breath became a chore as I did my best to comfort the beast. I wished I could do more. He soon rose on shaky legs, gently lifted his silent mate and with a brief, mournful glance my way, they vanished into an ebony black hole. This is the tale that inspired the “Darkness Calls Us” bracelet.


Set of two Darkness Calls Us wrap bracelets details:


  • Black onyx in a variety of shapes including faceted rounds, faceted rondelles, and small pebbles. Faceted rainbow obsidian ovals. Vintage Bohemian glass ovals.
  • Sterling silver beads are scattered throughout.
  • Each end of the bracelet is adorned with a dangle of onyx or sterling silver.
  • Strung on stainless steel memory wire designed to retain its circular shape.
  • I used memory wire with a larger circumference for these bracelets so they fit more like bangles instead of hugging tight to your wrist. I have a 6-1/4 inch wrist and they fit loose on me.


CUSTOM OPTION: If you have an especially small wrist I can restring the bracelets on memory wire with a smaller diameter. This can be done before I ship them to you or after you receive them and decide smaller would be better. You are responsible for all additional shipping charges, there is no charge to restring the bracelets.