Dragonglass - Snowflake Obsidian and Black Onyx Wrap Bracelets with Sterling Silver Accents, Set of Two


Millions, perhaps billions of years ago, massive volcanos erupted, spewing miles of lava throughout the land. The lava cooled so quickly, it turned to glass. Volcanic glass - obsidian - dragonglass. I’m sure you know that dragonglass is the only thing besides Valerian steel that can slay a White Walker. I’m not sure these bracelets would offer any protection should you run into one of these frozen monsters. However, we don’t have a problem with White Walkers in this realm, so we carve beads from obsidian, some of which adorn these beautiful Dragonglass bracelets. Wear them separately or stack them for a dramatic effect as shown in the last photo.


Set of two Dragonglass wrap bracelets details:


  • One bracelet is comprised of snowflake obsidian and sterling silver. The other also includes black onyx. Shapes includes faceted rounds, small and medium sized nuggets, faceted briolettes and rondelles. Both have dangle on the ends.
  • Strung on stainless steel memory wire designed to retain its circular shape.
  • I used memory wire with a larger circumference for these bracelets so they fit more like bangles instead of hugging tight to your wrist. I have a 6-1/4 inch wrist and they fit loose on me.


CUSTOM OPTION: If you have an especially small wrist I can restring the bracelets on memory wire with a smaller diameter. This can be done before I ship them to you or after you receive them and decide smaller would be better. You are responsible for all additional shipping charges, there is no charge to restring the bracelets.