Peach Whimsies - Set of Two Peach Candy Jade and Sterling Silver Bohemian Style Wrap Bracelets

Peach Whimsies - Set of Two Peach Candy Jade and Sterling Silver Bohemian Style Wrap Bracelets

Commander E.L. Riga (Ernesto to his closest friends) was on the hunt. Not his usual hunt. Instead of looking for the bad guys: enemies of the Overlords, robbers of the hegemony banks, and assorted other criminal types, he was hunting for an anniversary present for his wife. Something she could wear on their second honeymoon trip to the outer worlds of Angelarium. Something whimsical to wear with the gossamer gowns she preferred. Nothing ostentatious, she wasn’t interested in fancy diamonds from the Celestia System or golden chain from Metalium. All the Commander wanted to do was make her happy. He knew that the candy colored stones he acquired from a trader at the New London teleport on ConDoyle were perfect. He’d have them fashioned into easy to wear bracelets. Just like these two.


Set of two Peach Whimsies wrap bracelets details:


  • Peach shaded candy jade, a white stone permanently color-enhanced with the look of pastel marble. A variety of shapes including faceted rounds, smooth rounds, and plump teardrops.
  • Sterling silver beads are scattered throughout.
  • Sterling silver and peach candy jade dangles sway from each end of the bracelets.
  • Strung on stainless steel memory wire designed to retain its circular shape.
  • I used memory wire with a larger circumference for these bracelets so they fit more like bangles instead of hugging tight to your wrist. I have a 6-1/4 inch wrist and they fit loose on me.


CUSTOM OPTION: If you have an especially small wrist I can restring the bracelets on memory wire with a smaller diameter. This can be done before I ship them to you or after you receive them and decide smaller would be better. You are responsible for all additional shipping charges, there is no charge to restring the bracelets.