Fae’s Treasure - Long Dangle Earrings with Faceted Peridot and Freeform Green Garnet Nuggets


Wandering deep in the forest one day, a brief but brilliant flash caught my eye. Never knowing what lurks in the woods, I approached the area as quiet as my big feet would allow. Which is not all that quiet. What I found was amazing. A little pile of peridot gemstone coins, their fine faceting catching the tiny amount of sunlight that peeked through the canopy above. I realized these could only be fairy coins, buried as they were next to a fairy mound. Needless to say, I knew these gems would look wonderful dangling from a lovely lady’s earlobes, so I decided to sit a bit and hope for the owners’ appearance. Not 5 minutes later a handsome fae arrived Based on his extravagant attire and attitude, I knew he was the treasurer of his group. After a bit of haggling he agreed to a trade - my silver chain for a small cache of his coins. I present these earrings to you now - fairy peridot coins with a pair of natural dark green garnet nuggets.


  • Hand faceted green garnet nuggets in organic, natural shapes
  • Faceted coin-shaped natural peridot gemstone beads
  • Individually wirewrapped with sterling silver wire to one another
  • Sterling silver earwires
  • Total length is 4-inches from top of earwires


  • CUSTOMIZE: The earrings can be shortened or lengthened by removing or adding peridot stones. Shorter lengths are 3-3/8, 2-3/4, 2-1/8 inches. Longer lengths are 4-9/16, 5-1/8 inches. These measurements are approximate.


  • Please indicate in the “Order Comments” box at checkout if you desire a different length. Otherwise the earrings will ship as shown.