Heliades Tears - Ancient Amber Teardrops and Intricately Detailed Sterling Silver Bohemian Earrings


Where does amber come from? You ask such interesting questions! Is it really pine tree resin that has fossilized over millions of years? That’s much more plausible than the ancient Greek tale of the Heliades shedding tears for their dearly departed brother Phaeton, who was struck down by Zeus for driving a sun-chariot too close to earth, catching the world on fire. The women supposedly shed these tears after turning into trees embedded in the riverbank and their then tears turned into amber. So what’s easier to believe - some guy racing around in the heavens in a chariot, three grieving women turning into trees, or fossilized resin. You decide.


Heliades Tears amber earrings details:


  • Natural Baltic amber carved into plump teardrops
  • Long, hammered texture sterling silver earwires
  • Intricately detailed sterling silver cones
  • Handmade sterling silver ball-end pins, crafted to have an ancient, sort of rough look
  • The amber drops with the sterling cones measure almost 1-inch in length
  • Earwires measure 1-1/4 inches in length
  • Total length is 2-1/2 from top of earwires